Thursday February 26th, 2015
Confederation High School, 1645 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2G 1W2

Teachers from the OCDSB participated in LiterARTcy; a day spent celebrating the arts. They enjoyed a full day of workshops, exploring the links between the Arts and Literacy, guided by MASC artists.

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre
"Wood" you like to make a puppet play?
Participants will glue together scraps of wood to make puppets, and add construction paper features. A dowel becomes a handle, and fabric is attached to
the handle for a body. Small groups will then use oral language skills to improvise a short puppet-play which can become writing or media activities.

Jo Rioux
Telling tales through Comics and Graphic Novels
Comics are known for their ability to engage even the most reticent readers. Jo uses her own comics to introduce this unique storytelling medium. Starting with an imaginative exercise that will set the stage for their story, participants will then focus on weaving together words and pictures into a short comic of their own creation. 

Chris Jackson
Write words... draw pictures...make books
Chris will demonstrate the writing and illustrating process from beginning to end. From sketches and drafts, to artwork and final text. Then it’s your turn ... you will be given a chance to try two or three illustrative methods that you could use to create a literary event in your own classroom.

Tina Le Moine
Poetry in Stop Motion
Explore the basics of 2D animation as participants put images to their collaboratively created short poem or story. Participants will record their voices reciting their piece of writing, create their characters out of paper and various materials and then animate it under a camera. The resulting video will be a poetic animated movie.

Thanks to TD Bank and the City of Ottawa for supporting this event.

Pictures from previous LiterARTcy here

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