About Awesome Arts

Awesome Arts is a community engaged program that allows participants of all ages to explore important issues through the arts. Held in partnership with community centres and organizations, Awesome Arts is an exciting series of workshops culminating in a public celebration. During Awesome Arts, participants express themselves via various art forms such as slam poetry, animation, music, theatre and video, all the while exploring issues important to them and their community. Awesome Arts participants share their talents at a final performance, which also features professional artists, inspiring the entire community to remain connected with the arts and the issues.
To date Awesome Arts en folie has been run in a number of communities around Ottawa with a variety of partners. Awesome Arts has provided 660 individual workshops to 1200 children, youth and seniors. Awesome Arts Festivals have featured performances from over 700 children, youth and seniors and 65 local professional artists to over 5275 Ottawa residents.
After a five-year history with One World Arts, Awesome Arts moved to MASC's banner as of July 1, 2013.
For more information as to how your school, organization or community can host an Awesome Arts program, please contact Awesome Arts Director Micheline Shoebridge at 613-725-9119

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