Programs for Children/Youth

Workshops and Performances

Please consult Artists to see the list of MASC artists and the programs that they offer. 
All MASC artists have undergone vulnerable sector screening.

Community Fees: Artist Fees listed on this site are for schools and community centres. Please inquire about fees for other organizations or venues

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 Artist-in-Residence Programs

Artist-in-Residence and Cross-Disciplinary programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for students through three, five and ten-day artist-led projects. The longer an artist has to work in a school, the more in-depth the experience for the participants. Programs move from cursory and introductory to deeply enriching and thorough.  In an Artist-in-Residence program, artists and teachers work collaboratively to create curriculum-based projects that can be implemented either with a single class or an entire school.

To book an Artist-in-Residence program:
Please click here to contact the residency coordinator

Subsidies available for eligible schools.